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Low temperature venison with rice wine sauce


Venison 500g
cinnamon 5g
3 star anise
Orange peel 3g
onion 30g
garlic 5g
Rosemary 10g
Light soy sauce 40g
Asparagus 50g
White mushroom 50g
Rice wine 50g
20g butter
Toon 15g 
sugar 20g
Salt 10g 
black pepper 7g


Remove the tendons and excess fascia from the venison. Add salt, black pepper, and rosemary and marinate for half an hour.

Then fry with olive oil until brown, add rice wine and cover the pot for 1 minute. Saute onions, garlic, cinnamon and star anise with olive oil until fragrant.

Pour the venison, juice and sauteed spices into the vacuum bag and seal it. Then put it in a 75 degree low temperature water tank for 18 hours.

Saute mushrooms and asparagus in butter and season with salt and black pepper.

Remove the water from the Chinese toon, then add orange juice, olive oil, and mix well

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