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Farmed venison and wild venison
are completely different.

Around the world, deer are usually considered wild animals, but in New Zealand our venison comes from farmed deer that are raised on New Zealand's clean pastures using modern farming techniques. 

All venison, whether from captivity or hunting, is often considered wild. Although they all have a similar natural dark red color, the difference in taste is huge. At this point, we firmly support artificial breeding. The venison produced under artificial breeding has a more delicate and rich taste, and its tenderness and texture are also very good. “Sometimes people are hesitant to try venison because they may have eaten wild venison, which is very gamey and has a very woody texture. But farmed venison tastes very different, tender and fragrant." said Karen Oliver, who runs venison farming in New Zealand.

In 2020, China outlawed the illegal sale of wild animal meat, causing confusion about venison. On June 4, the People’s Republic of China promulgated the Catalog of Animal Species Permitted for Human Consumption. This includes meat from farm-raised red venison, as well as many other traditional farm-raised animals and poultry.

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