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Black Pepper Deer Fillet Thousand-feuille Pastry


Venison           600g

Onions           75g

Pleurotus eryngii       112g

Onion               75g

Ginger               50g

Dried green onions           75g

Haitian Old Soy Sauce    18.7g

Fuel consumption           112.5g

Sugar              225g

Chicken powder           16.8g

Chestnut flour           37.5g

Haitian soda    28.12g

Windmill cornstarch    60g

Maggi Soy Sauce    35g

Homemade black pepper sauce     75g

Meimei powder       1050g

Lard           450g

Potato flour       75g

Gold powder       75g

Butter           112g

​Eggs           2 pieces


1. Stuffing: 600g venison cut into cubes, rinsed with water, drained of blood, marinated with 35g Maggi soy sauce, 3.7g cornstarch, 4g water, 112g king oyster mushrooms fried until fragrant, 75g onions stir-fried until fragrant, marinated venison Fry on all sides until fragrant, cut into small pieces, add 600g of honey juice, 75g of black pepper sauce, mix well, add 7.5g of salt to taste and mix well. ;

2. Honey juice is in short supply
Saute 75g green onions, 50g ginger, 75g dried green onions until fragrant, stir-fry 150g oil, 18.7g Haitian dark soy sauce, 112.5g oyster sauce, add 562.5g water, 150g sugar, 16.8g chicken powder, 28.12g Haitian soy sauce, add Boil the fried onion and ginger together. After taking out the onion and ginger, use 56.2g of cornstarch and 37.5g of cornstarch to mix with 112.5g of water. Finally, add the 150g of stir-fried oil in three batches and put it in the refrigerator to cool. . Puff pastry;

3. Oil center: 525g Meimei powder, 450 lard, 75g potato starch, 337g water;

4. Water skin: 525g of Meimei powder, 75g of Golden Image powder;

5. 112g butter, 75g sugar, 2 whole eggs (3--3), fold 3 pieces into a wrapper, dip in sesame seeds and fry until golden brown.  

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