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麻辣焖烧白萝卜鹿腿肉 (3).jpg

Spicy braised venison shank with white radish


Deer hind legs        200g

White radish        80g

Red pepper        20g

Oil               30g

Beijing green onion           20g

Garlic slices           10g

Zanthoxylum bungeanum           2g

Old soy sauce           20g

​light soy sauce           20g


1. 200g of deer hind leg meat, cut into 5cm*2cm thick pieces and fry in an oil pan;

2. Peel the white radish, cut into pieces and blanch;

3. Stir garlic slices and dried chili peppers in oil until fragrant;

4. Add 20g of dark soy sauce, 20g of light soy sauce, and 200g of broth and simmer together to add flavor;

5. Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes until the flavor is absorbed, thicken the sauce and serve on a plate.

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