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Venison and foie gras pot stickers


Venison       412.5g

Pork fat       187.5g

Salt               7.5g

Chicken powder           7.5g

Sugar               15g

Onion and Ginger Water        75g

Zanthoxylum bungeanum             8 capsules

Sesame oil            50g

Rice wine            19g

Pepper        A little

Foie Gras            150g

Horse Hoof Granules        75g

Ham            100g

Laoji            500g

Meimei powder        525g

Gold powder        75g

Egg            1

Metallographic powder        75g

Chengmian            37g

Refined oil        37g

​Wire mesh leather       Several


1. Fillings

    (1) Chop venison and pork fat together, add salt, chicken powder, sugar, green onion and ginger water, soak 8 peppercorns in water, sesame oil, rice wine, a little pepper, and beat well;
    (2) Slice the foie gras, pat into cornstarch, fry on both sides until fragrant, place ginger slices and green onions on the bottom and bake at 180 degrees until oil is released, then cool and cut into cubes;

    (3) Fresh water chestnuts cut into pieces;

    (4) (One pound of old chicken, two pounds of water, one ounce of ham) After steaming for 8 hours, take the soup, add one pound of fish gelatin powder to one pound of chicken soup, make skin jelly, mince it overnight, and then take one or two;

      Finally, mix (1), (2), (3), and (4) well and refrigerate;

2. Pot sticker skin: Meimei powder, Jinxiang powder, salt, blanch in boiling water and mix well, then add clear flour, clear oil and beat thoroughly;

3. Wrap and steam for 6 minutes, then fry together with Vietnamese mesh skin until the bottom is golden brown.

4. Plate and decorate.

5. When finished, take it out and put it on a plate and decorate it.  

Ingredients: onions, ginger, 150g of foie gras, 412.5g of venison, 187.5g of pork fat, 75g of water chestnuts, and 50g of ham.
Sauce: Old chicken soup skin jelly (500g old chicken, 1000ml water, 50g ham), green onion and ginger juice
Skin: Meimei powder 525, gold powder 75g, salt 7.5g, eggs, water, metallographic powder 75g, clear noodles 37g, refined oil 37g, silk screen skin.

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