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Braised deer steak with chicken head, rice and dates


Deer Steak            500g

Winter bamboo shoots            30g

Mushrooms            30g

Chestnut            30g

Red dates            15g

Zhuhou Sauce        10g

Seafood sauce        10g

Peanut butter        10g

Rock sugar            appropriate amount

Dark soy sauce            Moderate amount

Chicken fat            appropriate amount

Onion, ginger        Appropriate amount


1. Cut the deer ribs into 12cm pieces and 8 pieces. Rinse with water until the flesh turns white;

2. Add dark soy sauce to the washed deer steak for coloring;

3. Put it into a pot with oil temperature of 6-70% and fry until it is set;

4. Add 20g of oil to a new pot, add scallions and ginger until fragrant, add oyster sauce, then add thirteen spices and fried deer steak. Add beer, dates, and condiments;

5. Turn from high heat to medium heat for 10 minutes, add chicken head and rice, cover and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes, until the juice is reduced.

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