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Fragrant peanut spicy deer sirloin


Deer tenderloin        300g

Dried chili        5g

Oil               30g

Beijing green onion            30g

Xianjiao            30g

Zanthoxylum bungeanum            3g

Garlic slices            3g

Peanuts            20g

Egg            1

Old soy sauce            5g

Cooking wine            3g

​raw flour            5g

Salt                2g


1. Cut the deer tenderloin into 6cm*2cm strips;

2. Cut onions and peppers into small slices;

3. Marinate deer tenderloin with egg yolk, 5g dark soy sauce, 3g cooking wine, 2g salt, and 5g cornstarch;

4. Fry the deer tenderloin in high oil until fragrant and drain;

5. Sauté the dried chili peppers, garlic slices and Sichuan peppercorns until fragrant, add the venison tenderloin, green onions and chili peppers, add salt and stir-fry until ready to serve.

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