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Crispy wheat-flavored venison


Deer waist       400g

Butter           30g

Salt               2g

Chicken powder           3g

Powdered sugar           3g

Chili powder       5g

Soy sauce           2g

Egg yolk           2 pieces

Curry leaves      


Coriander and red pepper shreds

​Original Crispy Oatmeal   500g


Steps for making crispy paste: 400g low-gluten flour, 50g cornstarch, 50g flour, 35g baking powder, a little custard powder, add appropriate amount of water, oil, a little salt, and mix evenly.

1. 400g deer loin, cut into large pieces, add 2g salt, 3g chicken powder, 2g Maggi soy sauce, 2 egg yolks to taste, coat with starch, appropriate amount of crispy paste, and fry until golden;

2. Melt 30g butter in the bottom of the pot, add curry leaves and saute until fragrant, then add fried venison slices;

3. Finally, pour in an appropriate amount of oatmeal, stir-fry evenly, and serve. Garnish with an appropriate amount of coriander and red pepper shreds and serve.

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