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Sichuan Spicy Deer Tendon


Deer tendon   200g

Onions              A little

Ginger              A little

Zanthoxylum bungeanum          10g

Geranium leaves          10g

Star anise          10g

White buckle          10g

Salt              2.5g

Huadiao wine      100g


1. Remove the bones from the venison tendons and rinse them with water (rinse the blood) with boiling water and set aside;

2. Add water, onions, ginger, pepper, bay leaves, star anise, white buckwheat and Huadiao wine to the pressure cooker. After the water boils, add a small amount of salt;

3. After the water boils, add the boiled deer tendons, cover and simmer for 30 minutes until the deer tendons are tender and tender;

4. Press and firm while hot and let rest for eight hours;

​5. Slice and serve on a plate, pour appropriate amount of Sichuan hot and sour sauce.

  • ​If you don’t have a pressure cooker, it will take about 2 hours to braise the deer tendons in an ordinary pot. You should check the meat quality at any time.

  • Method for making hot and sour juice: 200g mature vinegar, 600g light soy sauce, 200g sugar, 15g Maggi Xian, 15g Xianweibao, 200g sesame oil, add an appropriate amount of garlic paste (you can add it according to your personal taste after you taste it), an appropriate amount of spicy oil (you can taste it after you try it) Add according to personal taste).

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