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Sichuan style stir-fried venison rump


Venison rump       200g

Oil              40ml

Light soy sauce           5g

Old soy sauce           2g

Beer           5ml

Pepper       0.01g

Xiaomi spicy       20g

Garlic           20g

Ginger              10g

Erjingtiao       80g

​Red oil           20g

Fuel consumption           5g


1. Cut 200g of deer butt meat into 0.2mm thick 5cm long slices, add 10ml of oil, 5g of light soy sauce, 2g of dark soy sauce, 5ml of beer, and 0.01g of pepper to marinate to taste;

2. Cut 20g of spicy millet into 0.5cm pieces, cut 20g of garlic into minced garlic, cut 10g of ginger into 3cm wide and 0.2cm strips, cut 80g of Erjing strips into 4cm wide and 2cm pieces;

3. Heat 20ml of oil, add venison at 160 degrees, break it up with chopsticks and fry until 5 minutes cooked, then pour out;

4. Add 10ml oil to the pot and heat it to 120 degrees. Add shredded ginger, spicy millet, and minced garlic and stir-fry for 5 seconds. Add in pepper and stir-fry for 10 seconds. Add the fried venison and stir-fry evenly;

​5. Add 5g of oil consumption, 2g of dark soy sauce, and 20ml of red oil, stir well;

​6. The plate is in a pyramid shape, with a few spicy millet sprinkles on top.

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